Iran would only be two years away from having nuclear ballistic missiles

According to information obtained by, the Israeli intelligence services would have elements enabling them to estimate that Iranian engineers would only be two years away from being able to embark on a medium-range ballistic missile, such as the Shahab 3 carrying a head over 1000 km nuclear, threatening much of the Middle East, including Hebrew territory.

Israeli concerns about Iran's nuclear program are nothing new, and Tel Aviv has on several occasions expressed concerns about the progress made by Iranian engineers, especially regarding the enrichment of the mineral and the miniaturization of equipment, allowing in particular to design a nuclear warhead implemented by a ballistic missile. But today, the information transmitted to the American Defense news site, obviously on purpose, is intended to be particularly precise. Not only does the timeframe now appear particularly tight, especially since Tehran has announced its withdrawal from the Vienna agreements following the resumption of American sanctions, but the intelligence services estimate that the nuclear warheads potentially produced in Iran will be able to equip all ballistic missiles. whose diameter is greater than or equal to 4,1 m, among which is the Shahab-3. Note that during the attack on the coalition bases in retaliation for the one that killed General Soleimani, observers were surprised by Iranian ballistic missile accuracy noted.

The Shabab-3 missile is a ballistic missile with a range estimated at between 1000 and 1300 km, can potentially carry a nuclear warhead miniaturized by Iranian engineers

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