Chinese manufacturer Chengdu tests new three-engine MALE drone

What have we not heard about the twin-engine configuration of the Euromale drone? According to many reviewers, this configuration had no advantages, and many disadvantages, first of all the increase in the price of the device. However, in recent months, several twin-engine MALE drones have appeared around the world, such as the Russian Altair, the Chinese TB001 or the Turkish Aksungur. For each of these devices, their designers chose this configuration to improve performance, and in particular the payload carried, as well as the safety of the device.

The Russian Altair MALE drone is based on a twin-engine configuration

The Chinese manufacturer Chengdu, which designed in particular the light combat aircraft J10, and the stealth fighter J20, has just started the tests of a new heavy drone, presented to be of logistic vocation, and equipped this time with 3 thermal engines. , one under each of the jib cranes in traction mode, and one in the rear position in propulsion mode. This configuration of motors is designated by the term “Push-Pull” in aeronautics.


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