Iran deploys first military satellite as tensions rise between Tehran and Washington

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced yesterday that it has launched the country's first military satellite, the Noor-1. From a technical point of view, this orbiting is a great first for Iran, in more ways than one. But the timing of this military launch also contributes to the game of declaratory strategy between Tehran and Washington, and thus contributes to increasing tensions between the two countries. After a promising start, with three successive successful launches between 2009 and 2012, the Iranian space program has accumulated failures. The last successful launch thus dates from 2015, with the launch of the small experimental satellite Fajr by a…

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Iran would only be two years away from having nuclear ballistic missiles

According to information obtained by the site, the Israeli intelligence services would have elements allowing them to estimate that Iranian engineers would be only two years away from being able to embark on a medium-range ballistic missile, such as the Shahab. 3 carrying more than 1000 km, a nuclear warhead, in fact threatening a large part of the Middle East, including the Hebrew territory. Israeli concerns about Iran's nuclear program are nothing new, and Tel Aviv has repeatedly expressed concerns about advances made by Iranian engineers, including mineral beneficiation and miniaturization of equipment, allowing in particular…

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Iran develops new strategic systems

Iran officially presented the new hoveizeh (contain) cruise missile, with an announced range of 1350 km, which will be deployed in the Revolutionary Guards' aerospace units. At the same time, it announced that its Khorramshahr intermediate-range (2000 km) ballistic missile would now be fitted with a new 2-tonne warhead. While the United States denounced the Vienna agreement signed in 2015, lifting economic sanctions against the country's commitment to give up its military nuclear program, Iran continues to claim the right to develop its own strategic systems, arguing that not having nuclear warheads to equip them with, they respect the…

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