Bell V280 Valor hybrid helicopter demonstrates its capabilities

Bell V280 Valor hybrid tiltrotor helicopter has just completed dedicated testing low-speed evolutions, after showing significant performance in terms of speed and rate of climb.

There was little doubt that the V280 would achieve high performance, with Bell having a proven track record in tilting rotors with the V22 Osprey. Thus, the V280 reached an air speed of 300 knots, or 555 km / h, in straight horizontal flight, like the V22, a rate of climb of 4500 feet per minute and a ceiling of 11.500 feet. In addition, the device has already completed a transit flight of 370 miles, or almost 600 km. On the other hand, the Bell aircraft still had to prove itself at low speed, following the numerous accidents which marred the career of the V22 Opsrey.

Low speed testing of the V280 Valor

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