Sikorsky offers its S-70i Armed Black Hawk in the Philippines and tries to revive the market for armed maneuver helicopters

Definitely, the tiny Philippine market stirs all lusts! In a previous article, we indeed saw how the Americans Bell and Boeing positioned themselves with offers radically ...

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The future American reconnaissance and attack helicopter is among these 5 models

In 1982, at the height of the cold war, the Pentagon decided to launch the design of a new light reconnaissance and attack helicopter intended to replace the US Army OH-58 Kiowa,…

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India orders 24 MH-60R Sea Hawk naval helicopters during Donald Trump's visit to New Delhi

There are thematic days, and today, the predominant theme is the helicopter. Indeed, during his official visit to India, US President Donald Trump…

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Sikorsky and Rheinmetall Offer CH-53K Heavy Helicopter to Germany

With 80 CH-53 heavy transport helicopters in service, the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, has the largest helicopter transport capacity in Europe. But the 110 machines…

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The Bell V-280 Valor in a position of strength to replace the Black Hawks of the US Army

Launched in 2009, the Futur Vertical Lift program, or FVL, one of the 6 pillars of the “Big 6” super-program, aims to replace all of the rotary wings in service in…

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Sikorsky presents his Raider-X for the FARA program

After Bell, with the Bell 360 Invictus, it's time for Sikorsky, and his partner Lockheed, to present the Raider X, selected for the reconnaissance helicopter program and ...

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Greece will be able to acquire 7 MH-60R naval helicopters from Sikorsky for 600 $ m

The solvency of Greece does not seem to be perceived in the United States in the same way as in France. Indeed, the FMS (Foreign Military Sales) has just authorized the sale to ...

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