Is China starting construction of a new assault aircraft carrier?

While the first Chinese assault helicopter carrier, or LHD for Landing Helicopters Dock, Type 075 has just made its maiden voyage on July 16, the publication of a tender by the…

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China launches second Type 075 assault helicopter carrier

The event was anticipated to say the least, especially since Thursday April 23 will mark the 71st anniversary of the creation of the People's Liberation Army. This Wednesday, April 22, the second helicopter carrier ...

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Chinese state press reports "possible struggle" around Taiwan island

The Chinese state website published an article today reporting a significant number of People's Liberation Army air force exercises around the island of Taiwan. The argument…

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Chinese shipyards to launch second Type 075 assault helicopter carrier in 6 months

According to, the Chinese naval industry is preparing to launch the second Type 075 helicopter carrier in the coming days or weeks, barely 6 months after the…

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In 2030 the Chinese Navy will surpass the US Navy on the Indo-Pacific Theater

Since the beginning of the 2010 decade, the Chinese Navy has undertaken to develop a powerful and modern fleet of high seas, able, eventually, to challenge the US Navy ...

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China has launched more than 60.000 tons of surface military vessels in 4 months

The EastPendulum website has published a summary of the latest military naval units launched by Chinese shipyards. And it is not less than 5 units that have been launched these last 2 months: a Type055 heavy destroyer, two Type056 anti-submarine corvettes, a Type927 underwater acoustic analysis vessel and a typical test-bed vessel 910.

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