Sale of French submarines to Australia: a more credible hypothesis than it seems

When in September 2021, the Australian authorities announced the cancellation of the SEA 1000 program for the design and local manufacture of 12 Attack-class conventionally powered attack submarines by the French Naval Group, relations between Paris and Canberra seemed to have deteriorated for a long time. However, less than a year later, the French and Australian press mentioned, without much conviction it is true, the possibility for France to offer Australia the sale of 4 submarines so as to allow the Royal Australian Navy to have an interim solution between the withdrawal of the 6 Collins-class submarines in…

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South Korea tries to offer its Dosan Anh Changho submarine to Australia

The least that can be said is that the South Korean authorities spare no effort to promote their defense equipment throughout the world. After convincing Egypt to acquire 200 K-9 self-propelled guns, and signing a partnership with Turkey to complete the construction of the Altay battle tank, Seoul has partnered with Warsaw in what could be one of the most ambitious defense industrial cooperation efforts of the decade. In Australia, the South Korean authorities have already managed to place the K-9 self-propelled gun under the Land 8116 program, Canberra having announced in December 2021 the acquisition of…

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Can France lease nuclear attack submarines from Australia?

The announcement of the Australian decision to unilaterally cancel the contract for the local construction of 12 conventionally powered Attak-class submarines by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in September 2021 was, in substance as well as in form , perceived by France as a deep humiliation, provoking one of the most serious diplomatic crises in recent decades between France and the triptych gathered around the new AUKUS alliance, Australia, the United States and Great Britain. For Canberra, it was a question of turning to nuclear-powered submarines, considered more capable of meeting the future needs of…

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More details on Australia's new nuclear submarine program

The Australian authorities gave more information about the ambition of the new program aimed at equipping the Royal Australian Navy with nuclear attack submarines. And clearly, Canberra has learned nothing from its past failures, including those around the SEA 1000 program. Indeed, according to statements from the country's authorities, the new submersibles will all be assembled in South Australia. , in Osborne, thus reproducing one of the reasons for the many difficulties encountered during the previous program, since it will be necessary to establish from scratch an entirely new supply chain and infrastructure to achieve this. The submarine model...

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Is Naval Group's Australian Contract Cancellation really a surprise?

Amid the outcry of stunned statements crying Anglo-Saxon surprise and treachery over the cancellation of the contract to design and locally build 12 conventionally powered Shortfin Barracuda submarines in Australia, a dissonant statement came almost unnoticed, although it carries with it an undeniable legitimacy and sincerity. According to Vincent Hurel, secretary general of the CGT Naval Group in Cherbourg, the disappointment is only "moderate", insofar as "the risk was known". And indeed, for those who followed the progress of this program in the antipodes, the prospects for this contract had been severely degraded for a few months, and...

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Will Australia cancel contract for 12 Naval Group Shortfin Barracuda submarines?

The information has the effect of a bomb, and has yet to be confirmed by official channels. But according to the site, the Australian government has taken the decision to cancel the contract awarded to the French Naval Group for the design and local construction of 12 conventionally powered Shortfin Barracuda submarines. According to the site, Canberra has indeed decided to develop nuclear-powered submarines to replace its Swedish-built Collins-class submarines, relying on an American-British partnership in this area for transfers of technology. This would certainly be news with serious consequences for the French shipbuilder who had…

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The Australian Armies are also bracing for the worst in the years to come over Taiwan

A few weeks ago, Admiral Phil Davidson, commander of the American forces deployed in the Pacific, publicly considered that from now on, it was to be expected that Beijing would begin military action with a view to taking Taiwan by force, and this by 2027. According to the American general officer, the People's Liberation Army will indeed have the necessary military means to accomplish this mission in the next few years, thanks to a specific global effort by the Chinese authorities to achieve it. Obviously, the Australian armies share the same concerns, and have begun strategic thinking, as well as exercises, to deal with them. Thus, the…

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Who is maneuvering to discredit Naval Group in Australia?

3 weeks ago, a report from the Australian National Audit Agency, or ANAO, the equivalent of the Court of Accounts in France, issued a report containing several remarks and questions concerning the Naval Group program for the design and construction of 12 Shortfin Barracuda submarines. This report was quickly staged by the Labor opposition as a political argument, forcing the Conservative government to clarify the ins and outs of the program, twice. But far from having put an end to it, it seems that now, a large part of the Australian press, specialized or not in defense issues, is taking action...

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