More details on Australia's new nuclear submarine program

Australian authorities have given more information about the ambition of the new program aimed at equipping the Royal Australian Navy with nuclear attack submarines. And clearly, Canberra has learned nothing from its past failures, including those around the SEA 1000 program. Indeed, according to statements by the country's authorities, the new submersibles will all be assembled in South Australia. , in Osborne, thus reproducing one of the reasons for the many difficulties encountered during the previous program, since it will be necessary to establish from scratch an entirely new supply chain and infrastructure to achieve this.

The submarine model was not disclosed. These may be British Astute class or American Virginia class ships. Given the decisive role of London in this file, the negotiations around this program being held at the G7 summit in London last June, it would seem logical that the Astute be privileged, with American systems on board, especially since it was the configuration chosen for the Shortfin Barracuda. Although recognized to be very efficient, these models are also expensive, and it is likely that the final number of submarines will be lower than the 12 initially planned. It is true, on the other hand, that 7 or 8 Astute will offer a capacity of action superior to that of 12 Shortfin Barracuda, as we have seen. in a recent article on the subject.

Unlike the British Astute, the American Virgins offer capabilities that one might think are superfluous for Canberra, and cost 25% more than British submarines (in main illustration)

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