Who is maneuvering to discredit Naval Group in Australia?

3 weeks ago, a report from the Australian National Audit Agency, or ANAO, the equivalent of the French Cour des comptes, issued a report containing several comments and questions concerning the Naval Group program for the design and the construction of 12 Shortfin Barracuda submarines. These reports were quickly staged by the Labor opposition as a political argument, forcing the Conservative government to spell out the ins and outs of the program, on two occasions. But far from having put an end to it, it seems that from now on, a large part of the Australian press, specialized or not in the questions of Defense, are taking up their case against the current program.

It must be said that the SEA 1000 contract was, for the Kockums naval group, one of the last major contracts that could save the group in the medium term, due to the significant drop in national forecast orders over the next two decades. Kockums had indeed designed and manufactured the 6 submarines of the Collins class, between 1990 and 2003. These vessels of 3300 tons underwater gave satisfaction to the Australian Navy, and as such enjoy an excellent reputation in the country. . However, the Swedish group was excluded from the 3 companies authorized to compete, because not having designed any submarines for 20 years, and having never designed a ship of the size of the new class of the SEA 1000 program.

The 6 Collins class submarines were designed by the Swedish Kockums and built by the ASC shipyards in Adelaide.

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