Germany chooses the CH-47F Chinook heavy helicopter to replace its CH-53G

After more than a year of hesitation, Berlin has finally made its decision regarding the replacement of its CH-53G heavy transport helicopters. According to the German press, the German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht would indeed have chosen the model proposed by Boeing, the CH-47F Chinook, instead of the CH-53K, to equip the Bundeswehr. The main argument in favor of the Boeing aircraft is obviously its price for purchase but also for maintenance, Berlin planning to acquire 60 aircraft for €5 billion, whereas it would have been possible to acquire only 40 CH-53K for the same amount. In addition, the Chinook is already employed by…

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Germany wants to assess the interest of the F-35 to replace its Tornado

“Oh, What a Surprise” will say the most cynical. According to the German site Die Zeit, the new Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht has indeed undertaken to reconsider the decision of the one who preceded her in the function, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who had in 2020 arbitrated in favor of the acquisition of 30 Boeing F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet fighter bombers and 15 EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft to replace the Tornado dedicated to NATO's shared nuclear mission, and the Tornado ECR electronic warfare and suppression respectively opponent's anti-aircraft defences. According to the article, the German Minister, in agreement with the…

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F / A-18 E / F Super Hornet moves further away from Germany

When in March 2020, Berlin announced its intention to acquire 45 F/A 18 E/F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler combat aircraft alongside 90 new Eurofighter Typhoons to replace, among other things, the electronic warfare Tornado and those dedicated to NATO's nuclear sharing missions, the German authorities knew that it was taking a significant risk, in particular for those who, after them, will have to implement this acquisition program. Indeed, the Boeing Super Hornet, no more than the Eurofighter Typhoon, were then planned to be able to receive the new gravitational nuclear bomb used by NATO in this specific context, the B-61-Mod12 . In order to…

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