The announcement of an order for 2 Scorpene Evolved by Indonesia would be imminent

For several years now, Paris and Jakarta have been negotiating the possible acquisition of two to six Scorpene or Scorpene Evolved submarines, designed by Naval Group. As is often the case with Indonesia, these negotiations are long and complex, especially since the competing offers, particularly from South Korea, are as attractive as they are aggressive.

In recent months, however, the horizon seemed to be clearing up in this matter, supported by the exemplary progress of the acquisition program of 42 Rafale for the Indonesian Air Force, strengthening trust and trade between the two countries.

Last October, the French industrialist took a final step, by offering in Jakarta, not the classic Scorpene, already acquired in 14 units by 4 Marines around the world, but the Scorpene Evolved, a modernized submarine, equipped with the new lithium-ion batteries giving it extended performance.

In recent days, apparently, this file has accelerated, leading Fauzan Malufti, local correspondent of the specialized site, that its conclusion would be very close, and positive!

A combination of clues points to a possible upcoming announcement of the order for 2 Scorpene Evolved for the Indonesian Navy

Indeed, according to the journalist, several announcements and several recent events seem to point towards an upcoming announcement, in the relatively short term, of this contract estimated at $2,1 billion, while a MoU was signed in February 2022, by Florence Parly and Prabowo Subianto, the defense ministers of the two countries.

Prabowo Subianto and Florence Parly
Prabowo Subianto and Florence Parly during the visit of the Minister of the French Armed Forces to Jakarta in February 2022.

Thus, only a week ago, the PT PAL shipyards, which had notably built the three South Korean-designed Nagapasa-class submarines, announced that 93% of its infrastructure was suitable, and ready, to begin the construction of the Scorpene Evolved for the Indonesian Navy, and that he expected an announcement in this regard very soon.

Three days ago, during an online seminar, a representative of the Indonesian Navy presented the Scorpene Evolved as belonging to the country's fleet, while specifying that negotiations on this subject were not completed.

Two days ago, PT PAL and the Indonesian Defense Industry Policy Committee, or KKIP, held a meeting to discuss the industrialist's local construction of Scorpene, with the support of Naval group. Finally, according to the journalist, a delegation of senior executives from the French industrialist went to Jakarta this week for this matter.

Without representing unavoidable direct evidence, it is clear that the Naval News correspondent in Indonesia presented, here, a combination of factors supporting, as he maintains, the hypothesis of a very soon order for the two submarines French, for the Indonesian Navy.

A first key customer for the new Scorpene Evolved and its Lithium-ion batteries

Such an order would bode well for Naval Group. If the French industrialist has a relatively comfortable order book, thanks to the success of the Scorpene submarine, the Gowind corvette, and more recently, the FDI frigate, on the international scene, its order book has not increased. appreciated in 2023, or marginally.

Scorpene Brazil
The Scorpene has already been sold to 4 foreign navies for 14 examples, approaching the industrial record of 15 submarines of the same model exported, with the Daphnée class.

Above all, this would make it possible to create a first customer reference, concerning the Scorpene Evolved, and its propulsion system built on the new Lithium-ion batteries. Unlike the German TKMS, the Swedish Kockums, or the South Korean Hanwha Ocean (formerly DSME), the French have not fully taken the turn towards anaerobic propulsion, or AIP.

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    • In the world. no one simultaneously has a range of closed seas “coastal” submarines with the Scorpene, a family of conventional ocean submarines, with the X-Barracuda, a nuclear attack submarine with the Suffren, and an SSBN /SSBN/SSGN with the Triumphants -> SSBN 3G.

  1. Clearly, world events have made many nations aware of the difference between making equipment believe that it works and making it actually work.

    I look forward to seeing NATO naval exercises soon. The rubies were already giving everyone a beating………so the Suffren?


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