Is it too late for the NEURON?

On December 1, 2012, the first European-made combat drone, the NEURON, took to the air for the first time from Istres air base 125, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, to ...

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Is China starting construction of a new assault aircraft carrier?

While the first Chinese assault helicopter carrier, or LHD for Landing Helicopters Dock, Type 075 has just made its maiden voyage on July 16, the publication of a tender by the…

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Will China stop building aircraft carriers?

According to the online information site "Hong-Kong South China Morning", the Chinese authorities have suggested that the production of aircraft carriers will be suspended, at least for a time, after the…

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The Sharp Sword stealth drone will equip the aircraft carrier type 001A of the Chinese Navy

The Chinese Navy will be the first to implement a stealth combat drone from an aircraft carrier. Indeed, according to the South China Morning Post website, citing ...

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Taiwan wants to accelerate the 66 F16V acquisition process against a backdrop of new Chinese weapons

Taipei has no intention of waiting for its order of 66 F16V validated by the State Department 20 August, and which will soon be approved by Congress ...

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