Pending the future aircraft carrier, the construction of the new BRF tankers of the French Navy begins in Saint-Nazaire

Yesterday, in the Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, the cutting ceremony of the first sheet of one of the four future Force Supply Buildings took place. These new tankers ...

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Nuclear: a strategic asset for the French armies, and not only for its deterrence

The atom, in addition to its decisive character in our carbon-free electricity mix, pulls a set of industrial sectors upwards: chemicals, IT, artificial intelligence… The relaxation of State support for…

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HMS Queen Elizabeth and Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier: two different concept of naval air combat

On April 29, the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed from Portsmouth for a long sea test campaign. Previously, the entire crew was tested against the coronavirus, in order to…

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British nuclear deterrence threatened by the Covid-19 epidemic

In recent weeks, we have regularly discussed the dramatic consequences that the coronavirus epidemic can have when the virus is invited aboard a ship at sea. The cases of aircraft carriers ...

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Naval Group unveils its measures to deal with Covid-19 and the crises looming in the coming years

In France, the containment and social distancing measures imposed by the coronavirus epidemic affect almost all companies. Globally, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a ...

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German Super Hornet aboard a French aircraft carrier: what if ?

A few weeks ago, information from Germany seemed to indicate that the Luftwaffe could choose to replace its last Panavia Tornado fighter-bombers with a mixed fleet of 90 new…

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