New anti-light ship missile test

Since the withdrawal of AS-12, Navy helicopters no longer have anti-ship missiles. However, this ability to engage small units at a safe distance for the frigate has now become indispensable, to counter the missile patrol boats that equip more and more small marines.

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Florence Parly Announces Order for 5eme Barracuda and Tiger Mk3

The Ministry of the Armed Forces, through Minister Florence Parly, announced the official order of the 5eme submarine attack submarine Barracuda class Suffren for the Navy, which will be christened "Casabianca"

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Japan offers P1 for future Franco-German maritime patrol aircraft

While the Americans are investing the media to try to bend the German government for the purchase of F-35, it is the turn of the Japanese to try to intercede in the Franco-German agreement for the construction of the future aircraft of Franco-German maritime patrol

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Is there really a crisis of confidence following the malfunctions of MdCM missiles?

Since the publication on Tuesday April 17, three days after the strikes in Syria, of an article reporting that the MdCN cruise missiles would have malfunctioned during the sequence of…

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France will she rent 2 frigates FREMM to Greece taken from the units of the Navy?

According to the Greek news site, President E. Macron has given his agreement to the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, to rent “before the summer” 2 FREMM frigates taken from the ships of…

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French missiles have been malfunctioning in Syria

According to an article published in the April 17 edition of La Lettre A, a specialized Defense newsletter, the French Navy encountered difficulties during the implementation ...

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France, the United Kingdom and the United States hit Syrian chemical infrastructure

All the national and international media relate the strikes by the coalition formed by the United States, France and the United Kingdom against the chemical infrastructures of the Syrian regime identified. So, a hundred ...

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