Construction of the Russian Navy's last 2 Borei SSBNs will begin this year.

Having just announced the next start of work on its last two Boreï SSBNs, Russia is, today, the only country which manages to launch and deliver, each year, more submarines than destroyers and of frigates.

Better yet, the Russian Navy will receive, in the next six years, only six frigates of the Admiral Gorshkov class, a ship weighing only 5 tons, which is, however, the largest surface combatant unit produced by the industry post-Soviet Russian naval force.

It will admit into service, over the same period, five, perhaps seven, SSGN of the Iassen class, of 8 tonnes in surface area, as well as six SSBNs of the Boreï-A and Boreï-AM classes, of 600 tonnes each. on the surface, or at least 15 large nuclear-powered submarines.

Construction of the last two Borei-AM SSBNs will begin in 2024 for the Russian Navy

This is precisely the construction of the last two Boreï class SSBNs, which will begin in 2024, according to the Tass agency, citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

These ships will be the third and fourth units of the third batch of Russian Borei-class SSBNs. The first batch of three Borei-class ships was delivered to the Northern Fleet (one ship) and the Pacific Fleet (two ships), from 2012 to 2014, at the rate of one submarine each year.

SSBN Borei
The Borei class will have been divided into three lots, and as many subclasses: Borei, Borei-A and Borei-AM.

The second batch involved 5 submarines of an advanced version, called Boreï-A, with more modern communication and detection equipment, as well as redesigned hydrodynamics, to give them greater speed, greater maneuverability and enhanced discretion.

Like the first Boreï, the Boreï-A carry 16 RSM-56 Bulava SLBM ballistic missiles, with an estimated range of more than 10 km, which can carry up to 000 MIRV independent trajectory nuclear warheads. The first of the Borei-A, the Knyaz Vladimir, entered service in 2020, while the last unit of the second batch, the Knyaz Pozharsky, must be in 2024, two for the Northern Fleet, the other three for the Pacific.

The third, and for the moment, last batch of SSBN Borei, involves four ships. The construction of the first two, the Knyaz Potemkin and Dmitry Donskoy, began in 2021. The two ships are scheduled to join the Northern Fleet in 2026 and 2028.

The third and fourth Boreï of this batch, and last ships of the class, according to current planning, should be delivered, according to the source cited by Tass, in 2029 and 2030, at the rate of one ship per fleet.

6 SSBNs for the Northern Fleet, and 6 for the Pacific Fleet in 2030

In fact, according to this source, the two main fleets of the Russian Navy, the Northern Fleet, based in Murmansk, and the Pacific Fleet, in Vladivostok, will each have 6 Borei SSBNs in 2030.

SSBN Borei
On the current GPV, each of the two major Russian fleets will field at the end of the decade, 6 Borei class SSBNs, i.e. as many as the US Navy plans to have Columbia class SSBNs.

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