US prepares delivery of medium-range anti-aircraft systems for Ukraine

If the Ukrainian armies now receive almost continuously new armor and artillery systems supplied by the West, they suffer on the other hand from a very significant erosion of its anti-aircraft and anti-missile assets, as well as its air assets. This is the reason why, on numerous occasions, the Ukrainian civil and military authorities have called on their Western allies to deliver fighter planes and medium or long-range anti-aircraft systems, in order to be able to contain the long-range strikes carried out by Russian cruise missiles and fighter jets that hit major cities and…

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NATO will equip itself with a response force of 300.000 men to deal with the Russian threat

Only a few years ago, under the battering of Donald Trump and RT Erdogan, several European chancelleries began to doubt the effectiveness of the Atlantic Alliance, to the point that the French President, in reference to the lack of reaction from the alliance in the face of Turkish provocations in the western Mediterranean, judged that it was in a state of "brain death", and that the Europeans, France and Germany in the lead, undertook to try to consolidate European response capacities in the face of emerging threats . Four years later, while Russia has reignited a security crisis in Europe on a scale comparable to that of the War...

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