US prepares delivery of medium-range anti-aircraft systems for Ukraine

If the Ukrainian armies now receive almost continuously new armor and artillery systems supplied by the West, they suffer on the other hand from a very significant erosion of its anti-aircraft and anti-missile assets, as well as its air assets. This is the reason why, on numerous occasions, the Ukrainian civil and military authorities have called on their Western allies to deliver fighter planes and medium or long-range anti-aircraft systems, in order to be able to contain the long-range strikes carried out by Russian cruise missiles and fighter jets which have been hitting major cities and Ukrainian infrastructure almost daily for several weeks. Until now, the United States, like the Europeans, had refused to give in to Kyiv in this area, officially in order to avoid too direct involvement in this conflict and to contain its spread. In recent days, however, the red line regarding delivery of medium-range anti-aircraft systems seems to have also shattered, as was the case before it for the delivery of armored vehicles and artillery systems.

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