US to send Switchblade 600 anti-tank roving ammunition to Ukraine

The current repositioning of the Russian forces having left the north of Ukraine, lets anticipate a next massive effort of the armies of Moscow in the Donbass, in order to secure the capture of the two Oblasts of Luhansk and Donetsk, as well as the Ukrainian coasts bordering the Sea of ​​Azov south of the Dnieper. Despite very significant losses, the Russians having lost more than 450 tanks and 800 armored vehicles since the beginning of the conflict in a documented manner, and probably more, the Russian forces still have significant reserves, especially since their artillery has been relatively preserved with “only” 4% losses vis-à-vis the theoretical inventory (compared to 17%…

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Will the Rafale be the heir to the Mirage III for the future of the French aeronautical industry?

Fast, agile, powerful and well-armed, the Mirage III is unquestionably a legend in military fighter aviation around the world. In the hands of Israeli pilots, Dassault Aviation's single-engine delta-wing fighter prevailed against Arab MiGs and Hunters during the Six-Day and Yom Kippur wars, and played a decisive role in the Jewish state's victory in the these two conflicts, adorning the aircraft with an aura of efficiency and performance that built its export success with 1400 aircraft built (Mirage III and V), and which imposed Dassault Aviation's fighters on the international market during several decades.…

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