Joe Biden renounces the “No first use” doctrine for American nuclear weapons

If the doctrine of use of nuclear weapons in democracies is a highly political subject, it is clear that for fifty years, these have changed little, whether in France, in Great Britain like in the United States. During the last US presidential campaign, candidate Joe Biden promised to incorporate a firm rule on the use of these weapons if he were elected, renouncing them unless attacked by other weapons. nuclear. And as there were many before him, Joe Biden finally gave up implementing such a doctrine, sticking to the very traditional doctrine of using…

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Conversion of 2 French SSBNs into cruise missile submarines, a more attractive hypothesis than it seems

For several months, the deputy of Eure and member of the Defense commission of the National Assembly Fabien Gouttefarde, wants to be force of proposal as for the future evolutions of the French defense programs. Although he belonged to the Republic on the Move, he did not hesitate, for example, to plead insistently for the Air and Space Force, but also the National Navy, to acquire a version of electronic warfare and suppression of adverse anti-aircraft defenses of the Rafale, and this despite the end of non-receipt, also very open to criticism, addressed by the Ministry of the Armed Forces to one of his colleagues in the opposition, Jean-Christophe...

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