New Chinese show of force around Taiwan following the visit of a US senator

While media attention is focused on the war in Ukraine, tensions between Beijing and Washington over the island of Taiwan continue to grow, with strong demonstrations of force by the Chinese and American armies near the independent island. Thus, this weekend, the naval groups of the aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan and USS Abraham Lincoln participated in an important joint exercise between the Japanese island of Okinawa and Taiwan, after the Chinese naval group of the aircraft carrier Liaoning returned from an exercise in the Western Pacific passing through the Miyako Strait a few days earlier. Today, it was 30 planes of…

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Poland continues to exclude European offers from its arms contracts

Since the cancellation of the Caracal helicopter contract announced in 2016 to turn to American-made helicopters, Warsaw has shown a very clear preference for American equipment, with the order of 2 anti-aircraft and anti-missile batteries Patriot PAC3 in 2018, 20 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, 185 Javelin anti-tank missiles and 32 F-35A fighter bombers in 2019, and more recently 250 M1A2 Abrams heavy tanks in 2021. In many cases, equivalent or even superior equipment of European invoice were proposed (Rafale/Typhoon/Gripen aircraft, MMP/EuroSpike missiles, SAMP/T Mamba system and Leopard 2A7 tanks), without being able to impose themselves against American offers.…

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