Does Franco-German cooperation around FCAS worry the countries of the Middle East?

The Persian Gulf countries, and their allies in the Middle East, have been loyal customers of the French defense industry for several decades, and in particular for Dassault Aviation's combat aircraft. Thus, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and its ally, Egypt, have between them ordered 170 Rafale aircraft, i.e. nearly 60% of the exports recorded to date for this aircraft, after having ordered 100 Mirage 2000, i.e. 35% of exports for this model. Further upstream, Iraq had been Dassault's largest customer for its Mirage F1 after the Air Force, and Egypt the...

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The European Commission wants to abolish VAT for European defense programs

For several years, the European authorities have made significant efforts to stimulate European cooperation in the area of ​​defense programmes. The initial observation was that in 2000, the European armies implemented more than a dozen different models of combat aircraft and nearly a hundred models of armored vehicles, many of which were produced and maintained outside the borders of Europe. 'Union. It was therefore a question of finding approaches in order to rationalize the equipment of the European armies, to secure the production and maintenance chains, and to stimulate European strategic autonomy in this field. Among the solutions implemented, we find the Permanent Structured Cooperation, or…

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