Hearing trauma of British tank crews is believed to be linked to British Army helmets

The British Army has just issued an order limiting the duration of exposure of armored personnel on board vehicles ranging from 5 hours for certain types of armored vehicle to a maximum of 55 minutes for other models, due to a defect observed concerning the helmets used by these soldiers, according to the British daily The Times. This precautionary measure aims to protect the personnel of the armed forces while the number of auditory traumatisms of British armored crews would have increased significantly. An in-depth investigation would be underway to determine if indeed, the helmets used by the crews to communicate on board the armored vehicles are…

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After a technological feat by Naval Group, the Perle submarine is back in Toulon

The nuclear attack submarine La Perle is joining its home port of Toulon this week, after a technological feat by Naval Group engineers and personnel, which made it possible to graft the forward section of the Saphir submarine. laid up in 2019 at the aft edge of the Pearl, after a fire destroyed the bow of the ship on June 12, 2020 while the ship was undergoing modernization and maintenance. Not only did this procedure make it possible to preserve the submarine that many considered lost, but the new building, which concerns the name of baptisms La Perle from its rear section, will be equipped with…

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General Dynamics and Epirus embark the Leonidas microwave anti-drone system on Stryker armored personnel carrier

The fight against the threat that drones and swarms of drones now represent is at the heart of the concerns of the US Army, which has developed a strategy based on 4 pieces of equipment to deal with the majority of threats, ranging from missiles to swarms of drones. But a weakness appeared in this construction of capacities, the absence of mobile systems capable of facing swarms of drones, that is to say a large number of drones acting in concert to saturate the defenses of the adversary, the IPFS-HPM microwave system designed for this purpose takes place in a 20-foot container, which cannot…

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US Air Force invests in production of aviation fuel from atmospheric CO2

If the new Joint All-Domain Command and Control doctrine put forward by the American armed forces provides numerous responses to the multiplication of threats, it also induces, as we have discussed on numerous occasions, a notable complexification of the supply chain for forces deployed in smaller and more dispersed units. In this area, two particularly important problems have emerged, particularly during the Afghanistan campaign which, in a way, foreshadowed the logistical constraints which the American forces will be confronted with, namely drinking water and fuel, representing between them more 50% of the mass transported daily for…

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