General Dynamics and Epirus embark the Leonidas microwave anti-drone system on Stryker armored personnel carrier

The fight against the threat that drones and swarms of drones now represent is at the heart of the concerns of the US Army, which has developed a strategy based on 4 pieces of equipment to deal with the majority of threats, ranging from missiles to swarms of drones. But a weakness appeared in this construction of capacities, the absence of mobile systems capable of coping with swarms of drones, that is to say a large number of drones acting in concert to saturate the defenses of the adversary, the IPFS-HPM microwave system designed for this purpose taking place in a 20-foot container, which cannot in fact accompany motorized units in combat. It is to meet this need that the American specialist in the design of armored vehicles, General Dynamics Land System, and the Start-up Epyrus, have joined forces to adapt the Leonidas microwave system of the second on a Stryker armored vehicle of the first. .

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