South Korea tested the launch of a ballistic missile below the surface

As we knew, South Korea is investing heavily in the development of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, in order to be able, as much as to do this little, to counter the growing threat posed by the North Korean ballistic arsenal. This is how the country has developed, since the early 80s, the Hyunmoo family of surface-to-surface missiles, initially designed with a transfer of technology from the United States in exchange for commitments from Seoul on the maximum range of weapons developed, then as part of a partnership with Moscow during the 90s, which allowed the second generation of missiles, the Hyunmoo 2, to integrate technologies from the Russian Iskander program. More recently, the South Korean authorities announced their intention to develop an underwater variant of the Hyunmoo family, designated Hyunmoo 4, which can be launched by diving from a submarine.

It is in this context that the test revealed by Yonhap TV News registers. According to the news channel, South Korean engineers and military would have successfully fired a ballistic missile specially designed for this purpose (probably the Hyunmoo 4) from a submerged platform, marking Seoul's first success. in the field of Submarine-Launched Balistic Missile, or SLBM. The test from a submerged barge is classic for the first shots of this type of missile, so as not to risk a submarine, and its crew, in the event of failure. For now, apart from Yonhap's report, the Korean authorities have remained very discreet on the subject, neither denying nor confirming the success of the shooting, or even its existence.

The Dosan Ahn Changho is the first ship of the eponymous class, and the first submarine entirely designed in South Korea. It carries 6 vertical silos that can accommodate cruise or ballistic missiles with change of medium

This test is part of a global program aimed at strengthening Seoul's strike and response capacities in the event of an attack from its tumultuous neighbor. In addition to the development of ballistic missiles of increasing range, it also integrates that of cruise missiles such as the Hyunmoo 3, which are already fitted to Sejong the Great destroyers and the Kim Jwa-Jin class KSS II submarines derived from the German Type 214 and built under license with transfer of technology. They must also equip the new KSS III submarines of the Dosan Ahn Changho class, the first combat submersibles entirely designed in South Korea. This class, whose first eponymous vessel is due to enter service this month within the South Korean Navy, constitutes the 3rd component of this effort, since it carries 6 vertical silos allowing the deployment of Hyunmoo 3C cruise missiles d 'a range of 1500 km, and potentially, the famous Hyunmoo 4 ballistic missile in its SLBM version. Beyond the first 3 ships of the class, the next 6 submarines will carry 10 of these silos.

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