Type 214, Scorpene, Yuan: how do modern conventional submarines perform? - Part 1

With the return of international tensions in the early 2010s, the role of attack submarines increased dramatically for global navies. A new generation of attack submarines with conventional propulsion are now entering service, often equipped with anaerobic modules extending their diving autonomy and offering increased performance and enhanced offensive capabilities. Today, around ten models share this market, which is often critical for many navies. In this article, we will present the first 5 models (alphabetical classification by country), to understand their performances and advantages. A second article will present the last 5 models.

Germany: Type 212/214/218

Derivatives of the submarine series Type 209 exclusively intended for export and which was the most produced type of western submersible since the 70s with 61 ships built, Type 212 submersibles were were designed for the German Navy to replace its Type 205 submarines, while responding to the particular context of use in the Baltic Sea and North Sea requiring compact and maneuvering submersibles. Quickly, Italy joined the project, and other navies took an interest in the ship, making, with the export versions Type 214 and Type 218, a new commercial success for Germany, with 40 submarines ordered by 8 Marines, unparalleled in the past 30 years.

The German Navy operates 6 Type 212 submarines and has ordered 2 additional units concurrently from Norway

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