The US Army formalizes the order for IVAS intelligent infantry glasses

When it was launched in 2018, the Integrated Visual Augmentation System, or IVAS, intelligent infantry glasses program made many observers, including those in the United States Congress, skeptical. Only 3 years later, the results obtained by Microsoft and its HoloLens technology have obviously finished seducing the heads of the US Army, who have just informed the Redmond giant. a 10-year contract, therefore 5 firm years and 5 one-year options, for the design and manufacture of an undefined number of IVAS systems, we are talking about more than 40.000 systems, for a total amount capped at $ 21,88 billion. In addition to the US Army, the US Marine Corps and US Special Forces also participate in this contract.

It must be said that the IVAS has something to seduce. With an autonomy in combat of 8 hours, the system allows the combatants to have access to a quantity of information hitherto unthinkable. In addition to the holographic sighting cross connected to the military's weapon, the IVAS makes it possible to capture and exchange data on the location and identification of targets such as friendly units, to identify equipment and faces, to present in real time the videos coming from drones or other systems, or from artificial intelligence interfaces to process the data. In terms of simulation, IVAS makes it possible to actually appear to increase opponents, so as to put the military in an unparalleled immersion, while being on the ground.

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from the start of the project, end users have been integrated into the development team so as to design equipment that meets the expectations and needs of the military

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