The US Army will experiment with 107 new technologies during the Convergence 2021 project

Like the US Navy and the US Air Force, the US Army simultaneously develops several hundred Research and Development programs with often very disparate ambitions and schedules. And like its counterparts, it must validate its cooperative capabilities in application of the new Joint All-Domain Command and Control doctrine, or JADC2, which frames the strategic and tactical evolution of American military operations in the years and decades to come. To do this, since last year it has been organizing a major exercise every autumn, called the "Convergence Project", specifically intended to validate the cooperative capacities of some of its programs, as well as to assess their operational added value...

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The US Army formalizes the order for IVAS intelligent infantry glasses

When it was launched in 2018, the Integrated Visual Augmentation System, or IVAS, smart infantry goggle program had many observers skeptical, including in the US Congress. Only 3 years later, the results obtained by Microsoft and its HoloLens technology have obviously finished seducing the heads of the US Army, who have just signed the Redmond giant a 10-year contract, therefore 5 years firm and 5 one-year options, for the design and manufacture of an undefined number of IVAS systems, we are talking about more than 40.000 systems, for a total amount capped at $21,88 billion. Outraged…

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