5 programs to strengthen the High Intensity capacities of the French armies

If a few years ago, the hypothesis of high intensity engagement, that is to say between technologically advanced forces and having global military resources, was considered marginal, the deterioration of international relations and the multiplication points of tension that have appeared on the planet will have given it significant credit. Unfortunately, as the Chiefs of Staff of the French armies point out as well as the deputies more and more frequently, the French forces are no longer sized or equipped to deal effectively with this type of engagement.

Beyond the volume of forces which comes under long-term overall planning, it appears that a few cleverly selected programs would, on their own, give the French armies back advanced high-intensity engagement capabilities, in particular. relying on the know-how of the BITD, and this within a time frame and at an overall cost that is more than reasonable.

1- Mobile Close Air Defense System

The need

From Afghanistan to Mali, the French land forces deployed on an external mission over the past 25 years have almost never had to face adverse air threats, especially since the coalitions in which France participated had permanently the air superiority. However, this air superiority is today far from being guaranteed in the event of engagement against a large military nation, especially if it has a powerful air force and an effective multi-layered anti-aircraft system, like China or Russia.

IM-SHORAD is an urgently designed program to rapidly strengthen the US Army's anti-aircraft defense capabilities.

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