Boeing makes F15-EX its workhorse for upcoming competitions

A few days ago, the American Congress authorized a budget line limited to $ 22,9 billion so that the US Air Force can acquire between 144 and 200 new F15-EXs to replace its F15 C / D arriving at the limit of potential, with a unit price in a “Fly-Away” configuration established at $ 87 million, and overall support for 15 years. This order, more than expected for Boeing which had, in recent years, aligned defeats against the F35 of Lockheed, has apparently given wings to the aircraft manufacturer from Seattle, already strongly affected by the sudden stop of growth dynamics in the field of civil aeronautics, as well as the consequences of accidents affecting its B737 Max.

Recall that the F15-EX represents the ultimate version of the famous McDonnell Douglas fighter which made its first flight in 1972, and which remains the modern combat aircraft having obtained the best air victory rate with more than a hundred planes shot down without any loss in aerial combat. Having shown its potential as an air superiority fighter, the aircraft knew many versions offering it a greater reach and extended capacities for the C / D version in the 80s, the Strike Eagle version specialized in assault in the years 90, as well as a semi-stealth version, the Silent Eagle, in the early 2010s. But it is with its EX version that the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which bought MacDonnell Douglas in 1996, hopes to give back to this legend of combat aviation its past splendor.

For more than 30 years, the F15 has been the Western benchmark for air superiority

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