Following the departure of Boeing, Embraer is seeking new partners to market its C-390 Millenium transport aircraft

For more than a year, Boeing has been carrying out setbacks in both the space sector (First shot of CST-100 Starliner failed), civilian (737 Max flight ban) and military (with the repeated setbacks of the KC-46). The coronavirus pandemic and its disastrous consequences on air transport have only added additional difficulties to the American aeronautical giant. As a result, the Chicago-based company decided abruptly to end its joint venture with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.

The subject had been treated extensively in a previous article, which detailed the divorce between Boeing and Embraer and the industrial consequences for the latter. At the time, the situation around the Brazilian military program C-390 Millenium (formerly KC-390) remained particularly unclear. While Boeing and Embraer recalled that the agreements signed in 2012 regarding the international marketing of the C-390 were still in place, persistent rumors indicated that Embraer was nevertheless beginning to look for a new international partner capable of replacing Boeing for the marketing of the KC-390, critical program for the military activities of Embraer. Information that has therefore been confirmed Start of the week.

The KC-390 is, on paper, a great device. Embraer, well established in the civilian market, however, does not have sufficient contacts in the military sector to compete with Lockheed Martin, in particular.

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