Could the C-390 Millennium in-flight transport and refueling plane survive the Boeing / Embraer divorce?

The launch of the joint venture between the American Boeing and the Brazilian Embraer was to be one of the major events of the year in the aeronautical world. Reacting to the merger between Airbus and the Canadian Bombardier, the American-Brazilian joint venture was to allow Boeing to supplement its range of civil aircraft with ERJ and E-Jets of Brazilian design. To take over 80% of the joint venture, Boeing would then have had to pay less than $ 4,2 billion. In parallel, a second joint venture named Boeing Embraer - Defense, this time controlled at 51% by Embraer, should allow Boeing to market the Brazilian military transport aircraft C-390 Millennium.

However, on April 25, the agreement suddenly collapses. Boeing announces that it does not intend to follow up on the joint venture with Embraer, each aircraft manufacturer shifting responsibility for failure to the other. For several days, the situation turns out to be uncertain, and speculation is increasing in order to explain the reversal of Boeing, which has accumulated disappointments since the end of 2018 and the crash of Lion Air flight 610.

The KC-390 seen at the Paris Air Show 2017, before its change of name. The C-390 is natively designed to be able to be used as an in-flight refueler, although it remains above all a high performance tactical transport aircraft.

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