Chinese Y-20 heavy transport aircraft will be able to carry two Type 15 light tanks

An article from state site reports, following the broadcast of a report on the Chinese public channel CCTV, that the new Chinese heavy transport aircraft Y-20 was able to transport 2 new-generation Type 15 light tanks simultaneously, and this over nearly 7.800 km. According to the article, after questioning several experts on the matter, this loading composition had so far never been revealed, and offers important possibilities in terms of power projection for China.

The Y-20 heavy transport aircraft is unmistakably one of the great successes of the Chinese aviation industry in recent years. Its dimensions and performance allow it to position itself in the same category as the American C-17, an aircraft whose logistical role is indisputable in the West. The Y-20 was recently put in the spotlight during the deployment of 2500 PLA ​​health workers in Hubei province following the coronavirus epidemic. The plane will give birth, according to numerous corroborating sources, to specialized versions, including an in-flight refueler version and an early warning version.

The Type 15 light tank has firepower and protection comparable to that of heavy tanks of the 70s such as the German Leopard, the American M60, the Russian T64 or the French AMX30.

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