Japan's supersonic glider could be used for anti-ship strikes

Our colleagues from Naval News, always well informed, had access to an unreleased video of the ATLA, the Japanese Ministry of Defense agency responsible for acquisitions, technology development and logistics. The latter shows how the hypersonic glider under development in Japan could serve as an anti-ship weapon, and particularly as an anti-aircraft carrier weapon. So far the HVPG (Hypervelocity Gliding Projectile) unveiled last month by the Japanese Ministry of Defense was presented only as a ground-to-ground weapon.

For ATLA, however, the anti-ship capabilities of the HVPG should not be developed from the start of the program. As specified to Naval News, the HVPG will be implemented by mobile launchers of the Japanese land forces (JGSDF) in order to target as a priority islands occupied by opposing forces (a priori Chinese). To strike Chinese aircraft carriers, Japan intends to develop another dedicated longer range weapon: a hypersonic cruise missile HCM (Hypersonic Cruise Missile).

As this diagram shows, two types of hypersonic weapons are being developed in Japan: a glider and a cruise missile. The HVPG will receive INS and GPS guidance. If an anti-ship version were derived from it, it could receive an optical or radar guidance system derived from that of the HCM

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