Eurosatory, Farnborough, DIMDEX: due to coronavirus, the main defense exhibitions are canceled

Day after day, country after country, population containment measures are being put in place to reduce the scale of the coronavirus pandemic. Very early on, we talked about at Meta Défense the impact that this crisis was likely to have on a global level, whether health, economic and security. More recently, we have spoken many times about the concrete implications of the epidemic on defense industry, on international exercises or even strengthening public resources.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also already severely and durably affected another part of defense activity less known but still essential: international trade fairs. More and more numerous, and now present on all continents, international defense exhibitions have many facets:

  • Meeting between manufacturers and subcontractors,
  • Presentation of products to potential customers,
  • Meetings between officials and delegations,
  • Meetings and exchanges between soldiers from around the world
  • Media exposure of new products, new contracts, etc.
International fairs are a way for companies to present their new products to their future business partners and end customers, including military delegations from around the world.

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