Naval forces and coronavirus: what use for current and future health crises?

Earlier in the day, we returned in detail to the deployment of the amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) Tonnerre in Corsica, in order to evacuate coronavirus patients. With the deployment of a field hospital in Mulhouse and the use of Morphée kits by the Air Force for the transport of certain patients, the round trip made this weekend by Tonnerre between the south coast of France and Corsica shows the commitment of the armed forces in the fight against the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, in our article published Friday evening about the rumors and fake news surrounding the use of armies in this crisis, we concluded by assuming that certain military means would inevitably be deployed outside mainland France in order to participate in the fight against Covid-19. Thus, the use of Tonnerre in Corsica could well be only a first step, and other deployments could intervene in the days and weeks which come to destination of the Overseas territories, as well in the Ocean Indian than in the Atlantic or the Pacific.

Le Tonnerre made a round trip this weekend between the South of France and Corsica to transfer patients from Covid-19. The Mistral class is particularly well equipped to deal with tense humanitarian situations

The coronavirus in the overseas territories: a time bomb

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