Following the departure of Boeing, Embraer is seeking new partners to market its C-390 Millenium transport aircraft

For more than a year, Boeing has been following setbacks in the space sector (failure of the first shot of the CST-100 Starliner), civil (flight ban of the 737 Max) and ...

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Could the C-390 Millennium in-flight transport and refueling plane survive the Boeing / Embraer divorce?

The launch of the joint venture between the American Boeing and the Brazilian Embraer was to be one of the major events of the year in the aeronautical world. Reacting to the merger between Airbus and ...

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The Gripen E testing program is on schedule, while production of the Gripen F began

Last February, we devoted an important dossier to the Gripen E / F, the last variant of the JAS-39 Gripen developed by the Swedish Saab at the very end of the War…

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The delivery of Naval Group's new generation F21 torpedoes has started in France and Brazil

During his press conference on February 21, the head of Naval Group Hervé Guillou, a few weeks before retirement, wanted to take stock…

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The Saab Gripen NG: small in size but large in performance

In 2007, the Swedish aircraft manufacturer SAAB launched the production of its technological demonstrator Gripen Demo. Based on a production two-seater Gripen D, this device was intended to demonstrate the feasibility…

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The first Brazilian Scorpene will soon begin testing at sea

The Brazilian submarine Riachuelo, of the Scorpene type, will soon begin its tests at sea for a duration of one year, before its entry into service scheduled for October 2020.

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