To respond to China, the US Navy will profoundly modify the structure of its fleet

After 8 months of waiting, the new US Navy Shipbuilding Plan will be presented to US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper next week. It will not be ...

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The destroyer DDG-1000 USS Zumwalt will soon be operational, almost…

The new generation stealth destroyer Zumwalt, first unit of the eponymous class of the US Navy, will soon finalize the installation of its combat system, according to a source quoted by…

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Why does the US Navy fail to do what the Chinese Navy does so well?

A recent report by the CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, has pioneered US Navy shipbuilding planning. Indeed, with 290 ships ...

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US long-range artillery program ERCA unveils

The Defense-blog site has published a video showing the tests of the Extended Range System Canon Artillery, the new American self-propelled gun with a range of 100 km and advanced precision

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The US Navy returns to the goal of 355 buildings

The US Navy now has a little more 290 combat buildings, and President Trump, during his election, had aimed to reach 355 buildings before the end ...

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The return to favor of the naval artillery

Since the beginning of the 90 years, and the advent of precision guided missiles, naval artillery had gradually lost its prominence in the design of combat ships.

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