North Korea tested the Hwasongpho-16B hypersonic missile, and it's worrying!

On April 3, North Korean media broadcast photos and videos showing the test firing of the new Hwasongpho-16B hypersonic missile, a solid fuel IRBM mounted on a TEL 7×7 vehicle, in the presence of leader Kim Jong. -A.

If this shot is so publicized, it is because the Hwasongpho-16B seems to carry a hypersonic glider, this atmospheric re-entry system designed to challenge the most advanced anti-ballistic defenses, while retaining very significant maneuvering capabilities, while maintaining hypersonic speed.

Pyongyang is developing its nuclear strike capabilities at full speed

Since 2015, North Korea has significantly increased its efforts to modernize and expand its stand-off strike capabilities, particularly those capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

While the country was still using pale copies of the Soviet Scud, only 15 years ago, it demonstrated the progress made in this area, with the first tests of the SLBM Pukkuksong-1 and 2 with medium change and the first intermediate-range IRBM ballistic missile Hwasong-12, then the first ICBM Hawsong-15, for the year 2017 alone.

SLBM Pukkuksong-3
Testing of the SLBM Pukkuksong-3 medium-change ballitic missile in 2019

Two years later, she tested for the first time thee Pukkuksong-3 who will arm his new missile submarine Hero Kim Gun-ok, and short-range KN-23 semi-ballistic trajectory missile, inspired by the Russian Iskander, and designed to challenge American, South Korean and Japanese anti-ballistic defenses.

Testing and firing has further increased in intensity from 2021, with the appearance of new cruise missile, a new version of the ICBM called Hawsong-17, then, from 2022, new versions of missiles announced as hypersonic and carrying solid fuel, rather than liquid.

First firing of North Korea's Hwasongpho-16B IRBM hypersonic missile

It is in this context that the first firing this week of the new Hwasongpho-16B intermediate-range ballistic missile, widely reported by the state news agency KCNA and North Korean public television KCTV.

Indeed, the new missile is presented as bringing with it a major development regarding Pyongyang's deterrence capabilities. This would thus be an intermediate-range ballistic missile, that is to say with a range ranging from 2 to 500 km, with solid fuel, and mounted on a transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) with seven axles.

Video montage of the launch of the Hwasongpho-16B hypersonic missile.

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