Chinese Navy has held 120 exercises over the past 3 months

“Sweat saves blood” used to say the architect and military strategist of Louis XIV, Vauban. And sweat, the Chinese military has obviously not lacked in recent months. Indeed, according to the CCP-affiliated site, the Chinese navy in cooperation with other arms of the People's Liberation Army, has organized nearly 120 naval, naval air and amphibious exercises in the past 3 months alone, including 50 of them took place near the island of Taiwan. Beyond the already extraordinarily high number of exercises that took place, the (partial) information provided by the Taiwanese authorities on many of them...

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Modern attack helicopters, from the AH64 Apache to the Z19.

Although helicopters have been used in combat since the end of the 40s, notably during the Korean War during which they played a determining role for the first time in missions to evacuate wounded and recover ejected pilots, will have to wait until 1967 for an armed helicopter specially designed for attack missions to participate in an armed conflict. It was the American Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter of the US Army in the context of the Vietnam War. Since then, the attack helicopter has established itself as an indispensable tool in the inventory of modern armies, and the Mi-24 Hind, the AH-64 Apache and…

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