Chinese Navy has held 120 exercises over the past 3 months

"Sweat spares blood" used to say the architect and military strategist of Louis XIV, Vauban. And of sweat, the Chinese military has obviously not failed in recent months. Indeed, according to the CCP affiliate site, the Chinese navy in cooperation with the other arms of the People's Liberation Army, has organized nearly 120 naval, naval and amphibious exercises in the last 3 months alone, 50 of which took place near the island of Taiwan. Beyond the already extraordinarily high number of exercises that have taken place, the (partial) information provided by the Taiwanese authorities on many of them is impressive in their scope and duration. Thus, over the past 30 days, the PLA has organized 5 major amphibious exercises involving a large number of aircraft and ships, including civilians, in the immediate vicinity of the independent island.

Thus, to cite only the exercises of notable magnitude and known to the public, on July 18, the amphibious vehicles of the 73rd Army Corps conducted a live-fire assault exercise with the help of 5 LST type 72A on the coasts of the province of Fujian, in the south-east of the country. 2 days later, on July 20, a major naval exercise took place around the island of Wanshan, 300 km from the Taiwanese coast, in response to the landing of an American military C-146 on the island, judged as an intolerable provocation by Beijing. On July 24, it was the turn of the Z-9 and Z-19 gunships of the 74th Army Corps to conduct attack and live-fire exercises by day and by night on the coast of Fujian, while a brigade of PLA Marines was training aboard civilian ships requisitioned for the occasion. On July 27, the Chinese navy deployed several ships along the coast of Chuandao in a major naval exercise to respond to the arrival of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and her escort in the China Sea.

Z-19 combat helicopters during a carrier strike exercise along the southeastern coast of China

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