After the Tigers, the Australian Army wants to replace part of its MRH90 Taipan

Definitely, Australians don't seem to be big fans of European helicopters. After launching a call for tenders to replace their ARH Tiger combat helicopters to which they…

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Sikorsky offers its S-70i Armed Black Hawk in the Philippines and tries to revive the market for armed maneuver helicopters

Definitely, the tiny Filipino market stirs up all the greed! In a previous article, we saw how the Americans Bell and Boeing positioned themselves with offers radically ...

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While waiting for FARA, the US Army orders new UH-72 Lakota light helicopters.

Official American sources tell us today that a contract of approximately 120 million dollars had been awarded to Airbus Helicopters USA for the construction of 15 new UH-72A Lakota, version…

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The US Air Force begins testing of the MH-139 Gray Wolf helicopter designed by the Italian Leonardo

The US Air Force and Boeing have started operational testing of the new operational support helicopter: the MH-139A Gray Wolf. Designed by the Italian Leonardo and manufactured in collaboration with Boeing ...

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The US Army unveils the great ambitions of the program that will replace the Black Hawk

We have already presented on several occasions the FLRAA program, for Futur Long Range Assault Aircraft, intended to replace the UH-60 Black Hawk maneuver helicopters of the US Army, and…

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Bell V-280 Valor in strong position to replace US Army Black Hawks

Launched in 2009, the Futur Vertical Lift program, or FVL, one of the 6 pillars of the “Big 6” super-program, aims to replace all rotary wings in service in…

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The US Army wants to equip its helicopters and drones with long-range missiles

The command in charge of the acquisitions of the US Army has issued a request for information concerning a new tactical missile intended to equip its helicopters and combat drones, and of which ...

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