After the Tigers, the Australian Army wants to replace part of its MRH90 Taipan

Decidedly, Australians do not seem to be big fans of European helicopters. After launching a call for tenders to replace their ARH Tiger combat helicopters, which they blame for overly complex and expensive maintenance, they are now preparing to replace their MRH 90 Taipan in service within the 6th aviation regulations of 'Holsworthy, by US-built HH-60W or MH-60M Black Hawk helicopters. In question, the bad positioning (according to them) of the port machine gun and the descent smooth rope for special operations. The Australian government may soon announce, as part of the Land 2097 Phase 4 program,…

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Sikorsky offers its S-70i Armed Black Hawk in the Philippines and tries to revive the market for armed maneuver helicopters

Decidedly, the tiny Philippine market arouses all desires! In a previous article, we saw how the Americans Bell and Boeing were positioning themselves with radically different offers in order to replace at short notice the offer of the Turkish industrialist TAI. The winner of this commercial competition will thus be able to place half a dozen combat helicopters with the Philippine Air Force. If the Philippine ambitions seem modest, the contracts envisaged are still counted in the hundreds of millions of dollars. However, for American manufacturers, the Philippine market is above all seen as a showcase for the entire Asia-Pacific region, where…

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While waiting for FARA, the US Army orders new UH-72 Lakota light helicopters.

Official American sources inform us today that a contract of approximately 120 million dollars had been awarded to Airbus Helicopters USA for the construction of 15 new UH-72A Lakota, a version built under license of the light twin-turbine helicopter H145. These 15 new aircraft will be added to some 412 UH-72 Lakota already produced in Colombus (Mississippi) for the needs of the US Army, which is today the main world operator of EC145/H145 family helicopters. Although it is reserved for utilitarian tasks and almost never deployed outside American territory (with the exception of a few MEDEVAC exercises in Germany, in particular), the UH-72 is today at the heart of capabilities…

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The US Air Force begins testing of the MH-139 Gray Wolf helicopter designed by the Italian Leonardo

The US Air Force and Boeing have begun operational testing of the new operational support helicopter: the MH-139A Gray Wolf. Designed by the Italian Leonardo and manufactured in collaboration with Boeing in the Leonardo Helicopters factory on the American East Coast, this aircraft derived from the AW.39 model was acquired in 84 copies to replace the last Bell UH-1N Twin Hueys of the USAF. Gray Wolf's primary mission will be to provide logistical support and security for nuclear ballistic missile launch sites in the heartland of the United States. If the contract remains relatively modest on the American scale, it demonstrates a new…

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The US Army unveils the great ambitions of the program that will replace the Black Hawk

On several occasions, we have already presented the FLRAA program, for Future Long Range Assault Aircraft, intended to replace the US Army's UH-60 Black Hawk maneuver helicopters, and integrated into the Futur Vertical Lift hat program, itself one of the pillars of the "Big 6" super program. If we knew that the expected performance, particularly in terms of speed, clearly exceeded the current performance of rotary wings, the American military authorities have now detailed their ambitions in a more precise way, and the least that can be said is that the term "ambition" is not usurped! Today, a maneuver helicopter, whose primary function…

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Bell V-280 Valor in strong position to replace US Army Black Hawks

Launched in 2009, the Futur Vertical Lift program, or FVL, one of the 6 pillars of the “Big 6” super-program, aims to replace all rotary wings in service in the US Army with new generation aircraft. , with performances well ahead of those of the helicopters currently in service. In 2016, it was decided that the first program to see the light of day would be the Future Long Range Assault Aircraft, or FLRAA, to replace the UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters. To do this, the new program would rely on the Joint Multi-Role technology Demonstrator or JMR-TD, a technology demonstrator program launched in 2013…

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