Barkhane: six months after the Pau Summit, what effects on the Sahelian theater?

On January 13, 2020, the Pau Summit was held to restore momentum to a demoralized and destabilized G5 Sahel under the aggressive attacks of the Armed Terrorist Groups (GAT). A few months later we observe encouraging effects on the ground, both by the pressure exerted on the GATs and by the rise in power of the Sahelian armies. At the beginning of 2020, Operation Barkhane lost its legitimacy in proportion to the losses suffered by the Sahelian armies, and criticism from French public opinion. The Pau Summit did not change the Desired Final Effect (EFR) of Operation Barkhane: hold…

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Agreement of Sweden, interest of Greece: Task Force Takuba takes shape

Announced in 2019 and officially launched in March at the instigation of France, Task Force Takuba is a European grouping of special forces intended to be deployed in Mali in order to support the local armed forces in their fight against terrorist groups. Due to be deployed before the end of summer 2020, Task Force Takuba is still in the process of refining its technical system. This task is particularly delicate in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, which changes the availability of men and equipment to be sent by each partner country. In recent days, however, several major advances have been made. Firstly,…

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