Agreement of Sweden, interest of Greece: Task Force Takuba takes shape

Announced in 2019 and officially launched in March at the instigation of France, the Task Force Takuba is a European group of special forces intended to be deployed in Mali in order to support the local armed forces in their fight against terrorist groups. Due to be deployed before the end of summer 2020, Task Force Takuba is still refining its technical system.

This task is particularly delicate in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is changing the availability of men and equipment to be sent by each partner country. In recent days, however, several major advances have been made. Firstly, the swedish parliament validated the participation of the Swedish armed forces in Takuba. In the coming days, it will be the Czech Republic's turn to confirm its commitment to the European initiative. On the other hand, new countries - notably Greece - have expressed their interest in direct participation in the European grouping. Very good news for Takuba after some founding members, such as Germany and Norway, have refused to deploy their own special forces in Mali.

The Swedish parliament has authorized an armed deployment within Task Force Takuba. This could include up to 250 personnel over short periods, including a reinforcement of 100 soldiers and an air detachment.

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