The vulnerability of tankers worries the US Air Force

There are no hunters without supply vessels! This sentence "No fighters Without Tankers" alone sums up one of the main doctrines of the US Air Force over the past 60…

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China to develop laser protection pod for aircraft

According to the site, citing the site specializing in Chinese defense equipment, the Chinese armies have undertaken the development of a "laser attack pod" intended to equip…

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Laser is the ultimate CIWS for US forces

It is rare to see the three American armies collaborating in technological development. Yet this is what is happening today in order to develop a defense system ...

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The US Air Force wants to prepare its officers for the imminent arrival of directed energy weapons

For the US Air Force, the entry into service of directed energy weapons, such as lasers or electromagnetic weapons (Rail Gun), will profoundly change the paradigms of air warfare, and ...

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