Naval Group withdraws from India's P75i AIP submarine competition

Until recently, Naval Group was considered one of the favorites of the P75i competition launched in 2017 by New Delhi with a view to designing and locally building 6 new attack submarines equipped with an anaerobic propulsion system. , designated by the English acronym AIP for Air Independent Propulsion. The French specialist in military ships and submarines could indeed rely on the previous P75 program, launched in 1999, based on the Scorpene submarine, and whose 6th and last unit was launched this Wednesday April 20. After a rocky start, as is often the case in India, the program has come…

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Indian submarines: the competition not to be missed for Naval Group

After the withdrawal of Kockums and its A26 Océanique submarine at the start of 2020, it is now the turn of the German TKMS and its Type 214 to throw in the towel in the Indian competition P75i which aims to build 6 ocean-going AIP anaerobic-powered submarines in the country's shipyards, with an important dimension of technology transfer. There are still 4 manufacturers involved in this competition: the Spanish Navantia with the S-80 Plus, the South Korean Huyndaï with the DSME-3000 derived from the Dosan Ahn Changho class, the Russian Rubin with the Amur class, and the SMX 3.0 from the French Naval Group, derived from…

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Indian Navy favors 6 nuclear attack submarines over a 3rd aircraft carrier

The development of a third aircraft carrier and its on-board air group for the Indian Navy has a strong symbolic stake in the country. For New Delhi, it is a question of showing in Beijing but also in Islamabad that the Indian Navy now plays in the court of the great Navy of the High Seas, and this all the more so as this third ship must be equipped with catapults, stops, and modern combat aircraft, with the development of a new national on-board fighter, the AMCA program in sight. However, and despite all the symbolism surrounding this program, the Indian Navy has officially informed the…

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To build new submarines in India, Naval Group seeks to develop exclusive partnerships with local shipyards

According to information from the Indian newspaper The Economic Times, the French shipbuilder Naval Group is in discussion with the two Indian shipyards selected by New Delhi to build the six new Project 75i submarines. Considered as one of the two most serious candidates in this competition, Naval Group nevertheless seeks to promote exclusive relations between international manufacturers and Indian shipyards. For the French group, strong and lasting links between foreign suppliers and local manufacturers would allow the Indian Ministry of Defense to conduct its programs more quickly, at a lower cost, while ensuring a strengthening of…

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With the SMX 3.0 submarine model, Naval Group pulls out all the stops to win in India

During the DEFEXPO show in India, Naval Group exhibited its SMX 3.0 concept and, in doing so, lifted the veil on what its proposal for the P75i submarine program could be. According to several sources, citing representatives of Naval Group, the submarine model would thus be close, if not inspired, to the SMX 3.0, a design presented for the first time at the Euronaval 2016 show in Paris. Contacted on this subject, Naval Group tells us that if the SMX 3.0 is not strictly speaking “the” submarine proposed for India, it is representative of what the French group can offer in terms…

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With the Naval Cruise Missile, MBDA and Naval Group join forces in India

According to the specialized Indian site, the European group MBDA and the French Naval Group have offered the Indian authorities the MdCN cruise missile within the framework of the P75i program relating to the design and construction of 6 propulsion submarines. anaerobes for the Indian Navy. This announcement was expected, since the main competitor of the French group, the Rubin design offices of Saint-Petersburg, had proposed on their side the implementation of Kalibr cruise missiles from the proposed model based on the Lada class. This announcement further marginalizes the other offers presented as part of this program in the face of…

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Naval Group elected best industrial partner of the "Make in India" program

Defense industries are fond of prizes and self-congratulations. But some prices say more than others. This is the case of the "Best Foreign OEM supporting Make in India" prize awarded by the Indian authorities at the DefExpo exhibition which is currently being held near the city of Lucknow, 200 km east of New Delhi. And this year, it is the French group Naval Group which is honored by this award, about the program of attack submarines P75 Kalvari, of which two units out of 6 have already been delivered to the Indian Navy. . The P75 program does…

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Budget cuts hamper Indian Navy modernization against China

To cope with the very rapid rise in power of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, which will grow from 330 surface ships and 67 submarines today, to 450 surface ships and 100 submarines in 2030 , the Indian Navy was committed, from 2012, to a vast plan of modernization and extension, to bring it from the 130 ships currently in service to 200 buildings in line in 2030, including 2 carrier battle groups around aircraft carriers IAC-1 INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya. But the decline in the Indian state's budget revenue, linked to the slowdown in the country's growth, which fell from 8,5% in...

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Naval Group's Scorpene selected for the final of the P75i Indian program

The Indian Ministry of Defense has published the list of 5 international companies and 2 local shipyards which will participate in the final of the P75i program relating to the design and construction of 6 submarines with anaerobic propulsion. The finalists are the French Naval Group with the Scorpene submarine, the Russian Rubin with the Amur 1650, the German TKMS with the Type 214, the Spanish Navantia with the S80 and the South Korean DSME with the KS-III . The two shipyards selected are Mazagon Docks Ltd (MDL), which has already manufactured the first 2 Scorpene submarines of the P75 program, and L&T shipyards. The…

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