Why are French ships often insufficiently equipped?

A few days ago, an article by Mer et Marine caused some media frenzy in the national defense sphere. He explained that the Bretagne frigate of the French Navy, an Aquitaine class ship, had seen its R-ECM jammers, equipment designed by Thales, and which allow the ship to jam the radars of ships but also anti-aircraft missiles. - opposing ships, withdrawn to equip the new frigate Lorraine. Indeed, only 7 batches of jammers have actually been ordered by the French Navy to equip its 8 FREMM frigates, leaving a ship permanently without these systems, which are nevertheless considered critical for…

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The future of the French Navy, between ambitions and concerns

In recent days, announcements have followed one another around the future programs of the Navy, both on the side of the Hotel de Brienne (the Ministry of the Armed Forces) and the General Staff of the Navy. But these announcements, if they carry the ambitions of what the French Navy will be tomorrow, also announce a very difficult transition in the years to come, as the programs have been postponed or spread out during the preceding decade, to the point of, now, no longer being able to avoid temporary capacity disruptions. In any case, this is a point on which Admiral Pierre Vandier, Chief of the Naval Staff, wanted…

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The Oceanic Patrollers of the French Navy will have a 40 mm RapidFire gun

What was hitherto halfway between rumor and logical deduction was confirmed today by Commander Ghislain Deleplanque in charge of the protection and security office of the French Navy. The 10 new Ocean Patrol Vessels which will replace the A69 Class Offshore Patrol Vessels from 2025 will therefore indeed be equipped with a 40 mm RapidFire cannon. This close protection system will allow ships to provide protection against light and medium naval targets, but also against drones, helicopters, combat aircraft operating at low altitude, as well as…

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