The future of the French Navy, between ambitions and concerns

In recent days, announcements have followed one another around the future programs of the French Navy, both on the side of the Hotel de Brienne (the Ministry of the Armed Forces) and on the French Navy head-quarter. But these announcements, if they carry the ambitions of what the French Navy will be tomorrow, also announce a very difficult transition in the years to come, as many programs have been postponed or spread out during the preceding decade, to the point of, now, no longer being able to avoid temporary disruption of capacity.

This is in any case a point on which Admiral Pierre Vandier, Chief of Staff of the Navy, wanted to insist. during his hearing before the Senate Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee. According to him, the postponements of several programs, in particular during the period 2012 to 2015 (BATSIMAR, FREMM, HIL, etc.), have seriously affected the capacity to renew the equipments of the French Navy, to the point, as said previously, of not be able to prevent the emergence of temporary capacity disruptions in the coming decade, despite the announcements made in recent weeks.

Thales's Rapidfire CTAS cannon will indeed embark on the Oceanic Patrollers of the French Navy. But will it be the only offensive and defensive armament available on these 2000-ton ships?

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