Beijing strengthens the capabilities of its air bases against Taiwan

In recent weeks, the Chinese press, including English-language news sites controlled by Beijing, has multiplied more or less direct and detailed threats against the island of Taiwan and its authorities presented as "secessionists". If we should not give much importance to the bellicose editorials and exacerbated postures of, it is quite different from the information indicating that Beijing had undertaken important work on the 3 military aerodromes which face the pass of Taiwan, in order to significantly increase its operational, reception and defense capacities. Indeed, according to recent satellite observations, the airfields of Longtian, Huian and Zhangzhou, all three…

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Beijing deploys anti-aircraft systems against India in Doklam

While officially, Beijing and New Delhi are still engaged in a process of normalization and disengagement along the demarcation line serving as the border between the two countries in the Ladakh region, the two camps are multiplying initiatives to strengthen their defensive positions. respective. Thus, recent satellite photos published on Twitter by the defense specialist defestra, show that the People's Liberation Army has undertaken the construction of infrastructures intended to accommodate anti-aircraft systems near Doklam, at the junction between India , China and Bhutan, an area that had been the subject of tension between the two countries as the…

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The new Chinese destroyer Type 052DL equipped to detect stealth aircraft

China's Type 052D destroyer class alone is a symbol of Beijing's new ambitions for naval supremacy. 157m long for a gauge of 7000 tons in its initial version, the Luyan-IIIs as identified by NATO, indeed implement a panoply of detectors and weapon systems which have nothing to envy to the best western naval surface combat units. Thus, the building carries a Type 346 radar with active AESA antennas for the engagement of aerial targets and the control of anti-aircraft missiles HHQ-9, whose range could reach 400 km and which would have…

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