Beijing strengthens the capabilities of its air bases against Taiwan

In recent weeks, the Chinese press, in particular the English-speaking news sites controlled by Beijing, have multiplied more or less direct and detailed threats against the island of Taiwan and its authorities presented as "secessionist". If it is hardly necessary to give importance to the belligerent editorials and exacerbated postures of Globaltimes.cnThe situation is quite different with the information indicating that Beijing had undertaken major work on the 3 military airfields facing the Taiwan Pass, in order to significantly increase its operational, reception and defense capacities. Indeed, according to recent satellite observations, Longtian, Huian and Zhangzhou aerodromes, all three located between 135 and 250 nautical miles from Taipei, have seen their infrastructure significantly evolve in recent months.

Thus, the Longtian air base, positioned 135 nautical miles from the Taiwanese capital, i.e. 7 minutes of flight, saw its main taxiway widened and enlarged, so that it could act as a back-up runway if the 2500-meter main runway were damaged. In addition, two large parking areas were built, allowing the aerodrome to considerably increase the volume of aircraft it can accommodate, but also to accommodate larger aircraft. In addition, 5 bunkers were built near the runway, these could be used to store ammunition, spare parts, or for the maintenance of aircraft. While the air base had a reception capacity of around 30 to 40 aircraft until now, it can now deploy, if necessary, more than 90 aircraft, and this in the immediate vicinity of Taiwan, allowing rotations. fast devices.

a J-10 will only take 7 minutes to travel the distance between Longtian Air Base and the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, allowing the Chinese Air Force to conduct rapid rotations of aircraft over the island to neutralize its defenses and support the offensives of its own forces.

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