Airbus wants to join forces with Leonardo to deal with new generation American helicopters

The US Army Future Vertical Lift program, one of the components of the BIG-6 super-program, will undoubtedly profoundly change the technological characteristics of helicopters in the decades to come, and above all the expected performance, as well in terms of speed than distance covered or carrying capacity. For the time being, FVL consists of the Futur Long Range Assault Aircraft, or FLRAA, program intended to replace the H-60 ​​Black Hawks, as well as the Futur Attack and Reconnaissance Aircraft, or FARA, program to re-capitalize the component of attack and reconnaissance that the US Army lost with the withdrawal of the OH-58 Kiowa. And whether it's the...

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5 European countries join forces to design the next medium multi-role helicopter

European helicopters are, unquestionably, among the best rotary wings in the world, and have been for several decades. Over the course of industrial concentrations and consolidation of activity, two major European groups have emerged in this field, the Franco-German Airbus Hélicoptères and the Italian-British Agusta-Westland. Is it to respond to the emergence of new technologies such as those implemented in the United States as part of the US Army's Future Vertical Lift program? or the upcoming arrival of China and its Z-20 on the international market? anyway, these 4 countries are home to European helicopters, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, joined in this by…

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